GPR-SLICE Update - January 15, 2020 - 659pm Pacific  

GPR-SLICE Library Update - January 7, 2020 - 752pm Pacific

note:   With multithreading one can speed up radargram signal processing, data conversion, gridding, time 0 editing, and slice binning data processing  by engaging this option and setting the number of logical cores desired to use in the Options menu.  For an average system with 4 or 8 logical cpu cores one can expect nearly 4-8  times speed in processing!     

note: Multithread processing requires the library update as well

GPR-SLICE educational license update - November 19, 2019

note:  This will be the last update for the educational license as this option is being discontinued.

New Options

1/15/20 British National Grid conversion from WGS84 lat./long added to Create New Info menu and GPS Track menu

1/14/20 TSPoints anomaly labeled with point #

12/23/19 Profile name included in Bridgedeck module detection dialog

12/16/19 Font size export for dxf reduced by 50% for better showing of high density picks in OpenGL

12/13/19 Import of Proceq Infoxy.dat in the Create New Info menu updated for new USC-2 LE BOM format from UTF-8

12/5/19 Pixel map animation feature with multi-time slice displays placed back into auto animations create list

12/4/19 Current coordinate system in the GPS track identified in labeling above the option to convert to a different coordinate system

12/3/19 UTC time or decimal seconds time queried during GPS latency corrections

11/29/19 Radargram stitching with overlap averaging added to the Radar Edit menu

11/26/19 Pundit PD8000 3D sonic  data import added to Create New Info menu

11/24/19 Reverse info button to generate a saved  reverse info file for use in staggering corrections

11/20/19 Scaling button added to Search 0ns menu

11/12/19 Bridgedeck module detection dialog now programmed for hyperbola inserting and adjustments for GPS radargrams

11/7/19 Minimum velocity search made lower to 1 cm/ns for materials research and simulations

11/1/19 Proceq variable grid auto infoxy creation added to Create New Info menu

11/1/19 OpenGL display of horizon profile overlays added for GPS radargrams

10/26/19 Normalization of radargram gain based on horizon 1 amplitude profile detected in the Horizon menu

10/1/19 UTEX Microwave inspection *.sdt binary format and *.txt pulse data format integrated

9/26/19 Radar color palette set now shows in conversion, regain and migration menus and does not default to grayscale

9/25/19 Cepstrum deconvolution multithread processing added to the Filter menu

9/13/19 Improved speed for lengthy radargram displays

9/10/19 MIN (grid1+a*grid2) option added to Grid menu to assist in road surveys and to help estimate ground cover minimum areas

9/8/19 UTEX Inspection ware 3D format for 3-14GHz microwave equipment added 

9/6/19 Batch append of gridsets that have adjusted transforms for correcting mosaic noises added to the Pixel Map menu

9/3/19 Impulse Radar Crossover dual frequency 32 bit radargram conversion format added

8/22/19 Sample Start/End values added to Boxcar Filter - useful for smoothing out and limiting smoothing to just the ground wave reflection

8/22/19 Proceq SEGY Get XY button added to Edit Info File menu to read survey wheel lengths for individual .csv files

8/13/19 Import 2D Geophysical Data menu has new options to import any external layer data that can be shown with its horizon surface in OpenGL and Open GL Topo Warp menus

8/12/19 Composite time slice menu enhanced to allow overlapping grids (with null areas) to be combined together and advanced detection of clicked on grid 

8/9/19 Interpolate Time GPS button adjusted to  make N junctures between adjacent GPS points with times larger than 1 seconds

8/3/19 Del Channels button in Edit Info File menu enhanced to read "-" designation to remove a series of channels from the filenames

Bug Fixes

1/7/20 SEGY format 1 - IBM 32 floating point format not converted properly

1/6/20 XYZ to NAV not reading the meridian and hemisphere settings

1/1/20 SEG2 conversion not working

12/18/19 Time only radio button for time slice displays not working

12/15/19 GPS overaly horizon profiles in OpenGL not displaying properly

12/14/19 Bridgedeck module display of hyperbolas or dots not being shown on insertion of manual picks

12/12/19 Reverse files not working properly in Bridgedeck module 

12/12/19 Tilted objects in OpenGL Volume Draw menu not working

12/4/19 Full resolution in OpenGL for radargrams with samples/scan >768 not being shown

12/2/19 Null data removed from export of grid data in *.asc format in the Grid menu

12/2/19 16 Bit volume generation by interpolation using absolute normalization for 32 bit data, not writing 3D volume header correctly - 64 bit resolution unaffected

11/22/19 Topographic warping of radargrams in OpenGL have reverse triangle vertices rendering causing small scale display issue

11/20/19 Radargram graphic size set in Filter menu not propagating to other 2D radar menus

11/16/19 3D/2.5D migration on cube edge and within in the migrator width not properly taken into account as well as full hyperboloid not being included in migration

11/14/19 Hyperbola insertion/adjustment in bridgedeck module

11/8/19 Reverse radargrams not showing in displays during Radar Edit menu operations

11/7/19 Bilinear interpolation for topography in OpenGL not accounting for singularity in common cell extraction

11/7/19 Topo message box labeling for topography.dat import xmax written as ymax

11/6/19 OpenGL horizon profile overlay not showing when radargram extension not matching filenames